This week in Type

Save pens. Use Garamond font: Designers Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth looked at ink usage of some commonly-used typefaces, by hand-drawing them with ballpoint pens.

The first Google Maps Alphabet: Great “world detective” work from Rhett Dashwood. Thanks to Catarina C. for emailing this one!

Typefront: A new web service to host a provide fonts via @font-face (?). This will be a healthy competition to the already popular and extremely fast paced growing Typekit. The later I’ve already tried (on this blog) and it works rather well. It’s simple enough for me to understand it’s gears and it’s quite fast displaying the configured styles. I haven’t tried Typefront yet (I’m registering as I type these words) and, if it’s worth mentioning, I’ll come back to it later in this blog. Via Ralph Herrmann’s Weblog post.

This is it for this week’s edition. Starting slowly, but with confidence!

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