This Week in Type: It’s all about vid… Vimeo!

Dan Rhatigan's conference on Vimeo

A week after our successful Portuguese Typography conference, I’m determined to get back on this blog’s saddle. With this in mind, here’s another edition of This Week in Type—I’ll try to shorten this topic down to 5 links a week, organized on a given theme or topic. In order to get them out every week I’ll slim down the text to an almost “bookmark style” post.

First and foremost, after ATypI’s short videos on Vimeo, here’s Rhatigan’s conference on Web fonts and more: (post image). Hope we’ll be able to publish our own conference videos soon too (Petr van Blokland’s conference rocked!)

Detail from Web Ink's website

Talking about typography on the Web, here’s Thomas Phinney’s Typography’s Best Practices for the Web. Part 1: and Part 2:

Detail from Fontfeed's blog

Vocabulary of Type (via Fontfeed): Not about web, not even a “today technology” but a nice experimental video.

rtype on vimeo

One more visual inspiration reference—Rui Abreu’s latest experiment: Big fan of his work (but I’m a biased friend of him…)

As a final note, not a video link, but I’m sure it’ll produce a lot of videos online. The next Typo conference:

Europe’s most successful annual three-day design conference comes to London: TYPO. An A-list of influential speakers from the world of typography; information, graphic and digital design; brand experience; film; animation; publishing and education are confirmed for this inaugural edition. The theme for TYPO’s London debut is “Places”. The conference will take place from 20-22 October in Logan and Jeffery Halls at the University of London.

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