This Week in Type: figures and numbers

Blog header @ Fontfeed

Great resource about using figures and numerals. Concepts and software use explained and Fontfeed blog:

And the corresponding sequel:

Detail from Sven Neumann's study

An exemplary and inspirational empirical study on legibility. It’s written in german but Google Translate can help quite a bit. Sven’s work methodology is well presented and the findings are not surprising, but it’s well worth reading:

[update: found an english version on the OpenType forum here:]

Tundra's full charset at ILT

Must love Tundra’s character set development:

Felton's presentation on Vimeo

Nicholas Felton’s Numerical Narratives at Eeyo Festival 2011: It’s not really about type and typography, but his works are just great—already on my iPhone ;)

Detail from Roboto

Roboto from Google: Still don’t know what to make of it… On the one hand, part of me wants to love it. On the other hand… Via Tânia Raposo @ Type Shares

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