This Week in Type: more type designers than ever!

Fernando Melo working @ Fontsmith (© Process Made)

This edition of This Week in Type is late… But, better late than sorry. Without further delay, here are this week’s links.

First and foremost, here’s an interview with Fernando Melo (image above), one of the recent and most promising young Brazilian type designers working at Fontsmith. Although the interview script could be better, it’s always nice to see the opinion of people we admire.

There are probably 10 times more pro type designers nowadays than 20 years ago. A great part of them are young and talented. The challenge for creating innovative fonts will increase more and more in the future, unfortunately!

Nice pictures, great answers. Read it at Process Made:

Via Adriano Esteves @ Type Shares


Scored 84 @ Shape Type... not bad for a Typophile!

Speaking of type designers and their education, here’s a couple of links to some games developed to help web developers to learn more about type and typography:

Method of Action is peer to peer education for people who want to get things done. Learn by doing, participating and teaching.

Not only fun to use and play with, these are also great learning materials to use in classes. Shared by almost everyone I know (like Catarina S., João S., Pedro B., etc.), but seen first @FontShopBeNeLux


Typo 11 in retrospect (oficial website)

If you’re like me, and you’re feeling that you’ve lost a great conference Typo 11, here’s something that might cheer you up. Will Whit has collected a bunch of links on it:

The official website has also a great collection of links and articles in retrospect:


Wim Crouwell @ Dutch Profiles

After watching Irma Boom’s video, here’s another great interview by Max Bruisma, from Dutch Profiles—Wim Crouwell. Although not as famous as Milton Glaser, Paul Rand, or Otl Aicher, he is, in my opinion, one of the most revolutionary (Type) Designers in the 20th century:


Letter.2 Website

Finally and well overdue here’s my public appreciation for Letter.2 Winners:

We are pleased to present the winning entries of the Letter.2 competition. The jury met in Buenos Aires on October 1st and 2nd 2011 to make a selection of 53 entries out of 561 submissions based on their design excellence.

I have to congratulate my friend and colleague in particular, the Portuguese type designer Rui Abreu, that was selected with two fonts: Aria (2011) and Orbe (2008). There are many other entries that I like, more than I can list here, but I think it’s worth mentioning the giant efforts of Slimbach/Adobe, the elegant clean-cuts from Veronika Burian, the plastic freedom of Laura Messeger, and many, many others…

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