This Week in Type: Bring in the Portuguese!

Caflish Script @ Typekit, by Tiffany Wardle

This week, I’ve collected just a short selection of links. I’ve been occupied with other projects that involve programming a type inspired generative illustration in Processing, so it has been an off-week for Typography. I’ll post some screenshots on my portuguese blog soon. On the meanwhile, here are this week’s links:

First, a a very concise and well written article about using (Caflish) script type, by Tiffany Wardle—”a typographer and graphic designer currently living and working in San Jose, California”: Via Tânia Raposo @ Type Shares.

Tânia also posted another interesting link on Type Shares—The work of Mathew Carter, by Fred Smeijers: He is one of my favorite Type Designer of all time, if not my personal favorite… Smeijers is also a well known academic and designer. So this combination is very interesting ;)


Miguel Sousa (image from Foto Digital website)

Talking about Tiffany, one is almost instantly reminded of Miguel Sousa.

Daniel B. sent me this link some short (and partially correct?) information about my fellow compatriot: I was lucky enough to know him in the Dublin ATypI conference. Here’s a nice document from him: (in Portuguese…)


Avería, by Dan Sayers

This one really fascinate me. Avería, by Dan Sayers is a generated typeface, or putting it in proper terms, an extensive interpolation of 725 fonts:

Dan Sayers wondered what would happen if all the visual attributes of these typefaces were computationally averaged together [...] so it was perhaps inevitable that the idea came to me one day of ‘generative typography,’” he writes. After a month’s work with Imagemagick and PHP, Sayers had his result: Avería, “the average font.”

Although its motives and methodologies can be highly questionable, the fact that he pulled this off by using PHP and ImageMagick on a web server really amazed me! Not the best result, but a no doubt, a fun project:


Cover of Cadernos de Tipografia nr. 21, by Paulo Heitlinger

Finally, although I still haven’t read it, the last number of Cadernos de Tipografia (Typography Notebooks, roughly translated) is available for download:

This is another Portuguese reading, but I think Google does a fair job translating it… I don’t agree with style of writing, and many of the opinions expressed by Paulo Heitlinger (the edition’s main author and editor). But he has to be praised by maintaining the huge effort of publishing a free, digital edition journal that has reached 21 issues!


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