How much does your type library weighs?

My personal typography library bookcase

I don’t mean it metaphorically – I mean it in a literal way. I’m preparing to move into a new house and tomorrow will be the turn to pack the typography bookcase. I’m estimating to need around 35 [A4 paper storage] boxes to move near 280 Kg (615 lbs) of books, magazines, papers, posters and specimens.

When I moved into this house, this was a half full bookcase. Three years have passed since, and it has seen an incredible growth… It is still a rather small library if you compare it to some of my teachers’ libraries. Even so, I don’t think I’ll ever read, or own enough typography books – I’d be happy if I had the time to read all the ones I have already. On the meanwhile, I have to keep moving it. It’s only in these times that I’m glad I don’t own any movable type!

Anyway, this time, I think I might have caught a bit of “Nicholas Felton’s fever“, and I started wondering how many books do I have already? How much does it all weight? Do the magazines and specimens weigh the same? So, all bets are on!

I’ve done an estimate based on the current boxes I’ve packed. They weigh an average of 7,5 Kg, so… If you have a question, or suggestion, be it serious or not, let me know. I’ll try to document it and publish the final report. Just for the fun of it.

And you, how much does your type library weighs?


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