I will soon write something here to describe what has been the last years of Typeforge… meanwhile, if you want to know more, just email me, search for Typeforge (and LiveType) on the Way Back Machine, or browse Luc Devroye’s webpage…

Pedro Amado

Portuguese communication designer and an Invited Assistant at the Department of Art and Communication (DeCA) of the University of Aveiro (UA) currently teaching Design and Digital Multimedia.

He is currently developing his PhD thesis on the participation in Online Communities (about Type Design, creative processes,…).

Worked as a Design Instructor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto (FBAUP) where he obtained a degree in Communication Design (2002) and a Master degree in Multimedia Art (2007) from which Typeforge.net was born.

He has an ongoing purpose to bridge the gap between the use of digital multimedia technology and the creative design processes.

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