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Creative Christmas Competition: 2011 Edition

Original post contest image

While I try to find the time to post this week’s Typography and Type Design links, here’s an illustration challenge I’ve been promoting on the social networks. Although it’s meant for a broader audience, why not participate with a typographical illustration?

Win a copy of one of Isidro Ferrer’s illustrated books: create an illustration for a Christmas postcard obeying the following: dimension 150 x 100 mm, format JPEG,  RGB, 300dpi, on the theme (roughly translated): “This Christmas, the bunny has brought the big bad wolf with it, but the red riding hood will not stand”

Add a brief description of the creation process and a short bio. The winning and special mention illustrations will be published online under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Portugal License. The best illustration will be awarded with Ferrer’s book.

More information on my Portuguese blog (translation by Google), or contact us directly: natalcriativo (at) gmail (dot) com

What are you waiting for? Punch in your type creations!