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In the end it’s much lighter than you think…

Typography library boxed and ready to go…

…but it still does some damage to your back. After yesterday’s estimate, today I finished packing my typography library. The result: 268 books, 5 DVDs, 60 printed research papers and several type specimens and printed materials.

Bookcase items divided into languages (books) and type (specimens, dvds,…). Weight of the individual packed boxes.

It took 01h15m to pack 23 boxes (plus an additional 3 for current research materials) in a total of 189,5 Kg (~418 lbs). Each box has an average weight of 7,3 Kg (12 max., 3 min.), so the books end up weighing an average of 600 g. Typography is still heavy-duty stuff… ;)

Packing my typography bookcase… from Pedro Amado on Vimeo.

Although much less than estimated, and even though the bookcase had an additional 20 Kg in other stuff, it is still pretty impressive. Come to think of it, with 189 Kg, its something like packing and moving your own professional heavyweight sumo wrestler with you… I’ll rename my bookcase to “Yokozuna” from now on. What do you call yours?